Vitamin B7 or biotin is the part of Vitamin b-complex which is a water soluble vitamin. There are many benefits of Biotin i.e., helps in metabolism and growth in humans, particularly concerning the production of fatty acids, digestive enzymes, and antibodies(as a coenzyme).

At the other end, it is popularly known for the health and beauty benefits of your hairs, skin, and nails, and keep them healthy and attractive that’s why some people looks young, and other looks old. For this reason, biotin is also known as Vitamin H, ‘H’ comes from Greek words ‘haar and haut’ which means hairs and skin.

Here I am discussing some benefits.

-Biotin for proper metabolism:

Biotin helps to bring your body’s metabolism in a normal state because it is a necessary element for metabolism of all types of food you take (such as carbohydrate, fat, and protein). If you take sufficient dose of biotin, the food is eaten by you will be metabolized instantly.

-Biotin helps in healthy hair production:

Hairs are made up of a keratin protein which is built from amino acids with the help of cell enzymes and Biotin that’s why biotin is essential for thicker and longer hairs because it provides necessary components for the process of hair growth and also prevents hair loss, So most shampoos contain biotin for healthier hair growth.
For the better hair growth, you have to take some supplements with biotin.

-Biotin can beautify your skin:

Biotin is essential for healthy and bright skin that’s why biotin referred to as the beauty vitamin. We know that biotin is necessary for breakdown and distribution of fatty acids and in the result of their(fatty acids) proper distribution and absorption your skin will be healthier.
Biotin helps to reduce dryness and itchy skin, Used to treat dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis) and also used in massage oils, creams, and lotions.

-Biotin Supports healthy nails:

Biotin helps thicken nails cuticles and prevents breakage of nails because nails are made up of keratin protein, and Biotin is a coenzyme which helps to make it.
It also helps brittle nails.

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