Biotin deficiency is a nutritional disorder which is very rare. But, some conditions may induce biotin deficiency and mostly found in infants because they lack bacteria which is present in the intestinal track of the body that manufactures biotin from the food they eat. But this can happen at any age, and if not treated it becomes fatal.


Biotin deficiency occurs when anyone eats egg white on daily bases (months to years) because egg white contains avidin a protein which prevents absorption of biotin. Other causes are anti-bacterial tablets, malnutrition, biotinidase deficiency, smoking, absorption disorder, and others can be.


-Skin inflammation: It is commonly known as dermatitis which is a well-known symptom of biotin deficiency. There are many types of dermatitis, but seborrhoeic dermatitis is the common type in biotin-deficient peoples.

-Fungus infections, rashes, skin lesions noticed.

-In biotin deficiency, hair losing may be sensorineural, and it would be mild, medium or severe.

-In infants, a condition occurs called hyperesthesia, in which stimulation of the sense organ feels an abnormal increase.

-Paresthesia also occurs which is a condition in which skin senses the sensation of pricking or tingling, followed by insensitivity.

-Peoples with biotin deficiency may be in mild depression and can eventually proceed to somnolence or sleepiness.

-Nausea, Anorexia, and Vomiting are the symptoms of the intestinal tract in biotin-deficient peoples.


Biotin dosage is varying from child to elder.There’s no recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for biotin, only prescribed enough consumption levels.

To get sure you are taking enough biotin daily, these are the recommendations:

For infants up to 12 months: 5-7 microgram/day
For children ages 1–18 years: 8-25 microgram/day
Over 18 years old: 30 microgram/day
While pregnancy: 30 mcg
If Lactation: 35 mcg.

An overdose of biotin is not harmful yet.

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