Minerals are inorganic and naturally occurring substances, such as(calcium, iron, cobalt, etc.), which is essential for normal metabolic activities, i.e., development, growth, immunity, and reproduction.


The balance of minerals is very necessary for good health, Deficiency, and excess of minerals are harmful to health even they can cause diseases. Every species of animal has different requirements, but they have to take adequate minerals for a balanced diet.



We all know that it is required for teeth and bones but also needed in the muscular system, nervous system, blood clotting, and heart functions. It’s good known source is milk.


It is required for bones, muscles, heart action, nervous system, protein synthesis, energy production, many other functions.


It is an essential mineral that needed for transportation of nutrients in the blood, regulation of body fluid, electrolyte balance with some minerals, and gastric acid. Sodium is present in table salt which is much used in our daily life.


It helps in transporting oxygen, being a part of hemoglobin (hem part).


It is necessary for
*Protein synthesis,
*Vitamin A utilization,
*Epithelial tissue integrity,
*Immune System,
& *Reproduction.


Herbivorous use cobalt for the synthesis of Vitamin B12 by bacteria in the gut, It also uses for Fiber fermentation by bacteria.


It helps in Bone and Cartilage Synthesis; Manganese also supports enzyme systems, reproduction & immune response.


It is necessary for thyroid gland for the production of thyroid hormone, and also helps in thermoregulation.


It helps in Collagen synthesis and maintenance, Enzyme function, Red blood cell maturation, Reproduction, and Immune response.


Selenium is a component of Glutathione Peroxidase. It also helps in Thyroid hormone metabolism and Immune response.

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